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About the Band:

“Bandits Of The Heart” is comprised of 5 musicians, 2 Guitarists, Keyboard/male vocals, Bass/male vocals, and female vocalist/rhythm guitar. The group performs , Country, Blues, Rock, R&B and original pieces. The band was formed in 1998 by keyboardist,  arranger, composer and vocalist Joey. Since that time the group has performed for a variety of events. The band is available for Weddings, Festivals, Clubs, Corporate Events, Concerts, Anniversaries, Fundraisers, Dances, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Universities, Centers for the Arts, Alumni gatherings, Talent Agencies, Church functions, Balls and Restaurants around the tri-state area of Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. With decades of experience, you can count on a great performance for any event.


(vocals, keyboard, guitar & bass)

Joey was born at Fort McClellan, in Anniston, Alabama. He moved to Laramie, WY, where his father was from. Joey started playing music at St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic School. At the age of 10 he fell in love with music. At age 12, Joey and his family moved to Alabama, where his mother was from. At age 15, Joey started learning to play electric guitar from friends and relatives. At age 17, Joey finished high school and enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam war. He has been a Golden Gloves boxer, Martial artist, a Law Enforcement Officer and a construction worker. Joey loves to spend time with his family and friends. Throughout the years he has learned a variety of music styles and has had the privilege of playing with several different bands. Joey started his own band , :Bandits of the Heart”, in 1998. Joey plays rhythm, bass, synthesizer keyboard and sings both lead and backup in English and Spanish. Joey also writes and sings his own songs, as well as various cover songs. He is very laid back and courteous and is always respectful of his fellow human beings. Joey loves to entertain the public with his band’s music. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, riding horses and riding motorcycles whenever he gets a chance. Joey cares very much about his fellow band members, and as a group they strive to be at their very best. Joey named his band “Bandits of the Heart” because to be a member of this band, they have to play from the heart and feel the music!



(vocals & guitar)

Kathy's first memories of interest in music and singing were at the age of 5 years old.  She remembers singing a song for her kindergarten class for “show ‘n tell”.  Her dad began teaching her to play his old auditorium style guitar when she was nine years old.  Her dad played by ear and Kathy learned the same. Kathy spent most childhood –adolescent years playing music with her dad, mom, brother, sister, grandma, and grandpa on weekends.  Kathy played her first band gig when she was 15 years old with a country band located in Springview, Nebraska.  She sang on a weekly radio station program airing out of Ainsworth, Nebraska.  She began entering talent contests at age 15, where she entered in the Annual National Country Music Festival. Kathy was distracted from the music scene for several years with marriage, raising children, going to college, and starting a career.  After attaining these goals she joined a Country Music Association which led her to her first adult band gig with the Country Four Band, from Alliance, NE in 1987.  Her first band, “Family Tradition” was born in December, 1988.  Kathy’s son, Kevin Murray (12 years old) played drums; her brother, Floyd Peterson, played bass guitar, and Todd Roberts played lead guitar. Kathy played rhythm guitar and sang lead vocals.  In 1989 the band added Jerry Hale as lead guitar player and George Meng as drummer.  Kathy’s had the privilege of singing on the Grand Ole Opry Stage at the Ryman Auditorium, recorded a song in a Nashville recording studio, and sang in “Tootsies” in Nashville, fulfilling her dream of being a Nashville Country Music Artist as she sings about in her song, “I Grew Up On Country Music”.  Family Tradition joined Bill Wilbur, Sr. forming the “High Horses Band”, in 1990 to play a Cheyenne Frontier Days gig.  Then that same summer Family Tradition played at the 50th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD.  In 1991, Randy Watson (currently playing in the Mile High Band out of Denver, CO) joined the band to play bass.  In 1991, Family Tradition Band opened for Country Music Recording Artist, Davis Daniel in Chadron, NE.  The band entertained until 1996.  Kathy sometimes filled in with the Randy Hamilton and Floyd Peterson Band, “Latigo” out of Oelrichs, SD throughout the years as well as playing music with numerous other very talented musicians.  Upon moving to the Cheyenne area, Kathy’s interests in joining a band were renewed when she met her current fellow musicians of “Bandits of the Heart” where she joined as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player in June, 2010.


(guitar, bass & vocals)

Ray was born in Cheyenne, WY with the sir name of Raymond LeRoy Conway, he later took his stepfather's name. He graduated high school in  1966. His music training started at the age of 9 on the drums and violin. He liked entertaining and playing. Ray started performing at the age of 12 on drums and then on classical Spanish guitar. He joined his first band in 1959 and played for many other bands after that time. Ray was first signed with Jude Records then with Reprize, Rocky Mountain and Capital Recording Companies. Ray is currently a member of The American Federation of Musicians and the A.F.R.A.

After his band, The Reflections/Soul Reflections broke-up, he went on the road with other bands for more than 20 years. Some of these bands gained national recognition while others where not as recognized. Ray still finds himself on the road when the opportunity arises. He has played many venues over the years, such as Ceaser's Palace, The Flamingo, The International Hotel, The Hilton chain, the Ramada Inn chain, The White Stallion and various concert halls. His bands have performed a wide variety of music from swing to top 40's, country, rock and roll and country rock. His favorite music is 50's and 60's. In 1999 Ray joined "Bandits Of The Heart", currently playing lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and other instruments. He also sings lead and backup vocals and writes music. Ray also enjoys riding motor cycles, riding horses, hunting and fishing. He also enjoys spending as much time as he can with family and friends as time allows. Ray always looks forward to entertaining and playing for folks all over. He is easy going and nice to work with as well as being abidingly friendly. Ray has become very knowledgeable of his art over the years and loves music.


(bass, vocals & guitar)

Warren started playing bass in the 8th grade.  He and a friend would lay out of school one day every few weeks and his friend would teach him the bass almost all night long.  Warren played trumpet and tuba in high school, but nothing ever felt as good in his hands as a bass guitar! 

Warren was in a few different bands in high school and played at two different high school assemblies for the whole school.  Hard rock music is what Warrem and his school mates liked but the faculty was not impressed!  In his senior year, he and friends formed a band called “Diamond Dust” and that was the band he stayed with after high school.  The “Diamond Dust” band toured southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee for a few years.   Warren then took a break for a few years and started a family.  He also joined the Air Force and played in numerous groups in various countries.  Warren retired from the Air Force in 2000 and moved to Missouri for two years.  He jammed with friends in garages for awhile and then moved back to Cheyenne in 2002.  Warren played with Lit Zippo for a year and then started playing with another group which broke up a couple of years ago.  Warren started playing with Bandits of the Heart in July 2010.  Warren uses Ibanez bass guitars, Berringer Bass amps and Sure microphones.

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